Backend Testing
(Database and API) Program for Teens

(Database and
API) Program
for Teens

Continuous Learning

The IT journey never stops, and BE testing is your next launchpad.

Unlocking System

BE testing unveils the magic of system architecture.

Seamless Testing

BE testing connects the dots for end-to-end excellence.

Automation Harmony

Harmonize UI, database, and API testing for automated success.


Achieving comprehensive software quality by testing all three aspects.

Must have basic Java And
Test Automation knowledge

Must have basic Java And Test Automation knowledge

Jan 7th, 2024

Jan 7th, 2024

Databases are the core of most software and websites. Learning to test them and API connections ensures applications function properly and handle data effectively.

Since you’ve already got a handle on JAVA Programming and Test Automation, it’s time to take your tech skills to the next level by diving into the world of BackEnd (BE) testing. UI and BE testing go hand in hand, and understanding both will help you become more skilled in software development as a tester.

Our program kicks off with the basics of web application databases (DB). Then, you’ll use your skills of testing with tools like JUnit and Cucumber. Plus, you’ll learn some extra Java tricks for DB testing, like JDBC.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also dive into Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the secret sauce that makes software systems talk to each other. With API testing in your toolkit, You’ll become highly knowledgeable about software architecture, seeing how the UI and the DB have their own secret language through the API layer. You’ll uncover the magic behind data flow and communication. Ready to level up your tech game? Let’s roll!

This 4.5-month program includes 2.5 hours of online sessions per week, designed to fit seamlessly and easily into your school schedule. By continuing your journey with CYDEO, you’ll have the chance to meet with your instructors twice a week.